Suntar-ST / Suntar-ST(H)

Non shrink cementitious grouts
Suntar-ST and Suntar-ST(H) are used where it is
essential to eliminate shrinkage when completely
filling the void between a base plate and a substrate.
And it is used for free flow precision grouting in a
Wide range of heavy duty application, such as
machine base plates, bridge bearing and cane rails.
And it can also be used for anchoring a wide range
of fixing.
  • Dual Expansion system
  • High ultimate strength and low permeability ensure the durability of the hardened grout
  • KS F 4044
  • ASTM C1107-91 “C” Type
Grouts 이미지
uses Packing w/p ratio Comp’ strength(28Ds)
Suntar-ST standard 25Kg 4~4.5ℓ 70MPa 이상
Suntar-ST(H) High Strength 3.5~3.75ℓ 100MPa 이상